Teaching 1-to-1 Devices

In 2014, our school purchased 10 Chromebooks that quickly became a fantastic resource in my classroom. With some of our ‘difficult-to-teach’ pupils suddenly engaged, motivated, and inspired by these, it became clear that the next step was only moments away.
In 2015, my Year 3-4 class is going digital. Not in a matrix kind of way, but that every student will have access to a Chromebook at any one time.
This is indeed exciting, and I am very keen to document the process, as well as looking at the educational benefits of it so that we can ascertain whether this is something we want to roll out for the entire school.
I have already begun making certain plans around digital literacy, and making certain that these devices aren’t just used as substitutes, but will assist the students and me as the teacher to make new links between technology and learning.

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