As I walked down the beach on what is my second wellbeing walk, I noticed a stark difference between today and yesterday’s walk.
Yesterday, there were three people swimming (crazy fools), two people walking past, three sitting watching waves, and a grandparent taking his two young children to play in the sand and the wind.
Today, there was no one.
Not entirely true.
There was me.
At the half way point, there was no one in front of me all the way to the pier (my turn around point). I looked back. No one to be seen.
I was alone.
The only soul on the beach.
Yet, I didn’t feel abandoned, high and dry, or left out.
I felt in control of the loneliness. In fact, it didn’t even really feel like loneliness. It felt completely normal. It felt like what I need each day. A bit of me time.
Yet I was thinking that there are definitely times when depression feels like you are the loneliness person in the world, even though I’m surrounded by people; some who I don’t have two minutes for, others who I love deeply. Yet abandoned I felt in those times.
This wasn’t that. At all.

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