Isolation Under the Son

Taking inspiration from the flat New Zealand landscape and trying to paint with a little more realism.

Breaker Bay

My sister moved overseas for her work and to assist her with not feeling to far away from home, I created this artwork of Breaker Bay as a window to her homeland. We took this to England, rolled up in a cardboard tube to London via Los Angeles.

Where Water Meets Land

Silver and black paint, mixed in with some green to create the stormy waves, the text pierces the sky like rain clouds and the eery silhouette of the silver hills hovers on the horizon. “Where water meets land shore and seabed merge. created leant to all of us for a short time in the eye […]

Weather Or Not

My first exploration into glossy enamel paint and mixing and matching finishes to create different layers on the canvas. The stencils were printed out on the computer, cut out manually and then dabbed on with silver paint.

This Thing I Do

This work I did for another friend at art school; we challenged each other to create a painting in the other person’s style, which is why this work is slightly different to others I have created. “One Love. One God. One Way. It’s this thing I do; Paint the drop of inspiration in light, drawing […]

The Unknown

Strips of canvas glued to a board allowed for a series of individual landscapes placed on top of each other. This method has been done by several artists and so I decided to give it a go myself, with poetic lines of text placed along each horizon.

Tararua Ranges

A scene painted from a memory, fictional in essence, but with a particular light and shade of the mountain ranges north of Wellington. After painting them, they reminded me directly of the Wairarapa and thus named it as such.

State Highway 2

Another view I regularly saw heading into Wellington from the Hutt Valley, this time from the other side of the train heading south.

Petone Foreshore

Another landscape where I’ve used a monochromatic and limited palette to create a scene from a familiar location to my childhood, having spent many summer days down at the beach in Petone.

Petone Esplanade

A night painting of the beautiful lights of the Petone foreshore, seen many times in my late night trips home on the train.