Outside Window

This work was created for a friend at art school. Inspired by several artworks with a muted tone that I had been seeing in different places.

Oh The Rocks Cry Out

2004 Acrylic on board W180 x H604 Private collection Luke 19:40 – “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” “Oh, the sound of the rocks: cry out”

Nothing But The Blood

2004 Acrylic on board W420 x H594 $550.00 NZD “Over the sea. Twist and Turn. Nothing but the blood”


2004 Acrylic on board W425 x H525 $430.00 Many hours were spent on the buses driving through this popular Wellington suburb to and from art school in Island Bay. This particular scene is actually done from memory, as best I could create it. I love the view that is mostly held in the puddle on […]

Mayday At Sea

2004 Acrylic on canvas W620 x H510 Sold Building on the dark, nightscape with metalic paints and textures to create this brooding work. There is a contrast between paints, with matte and gloss enamel also being used to create the shapes and structures in the work. Continuing to develop some of my stencil work was […]

Mai Beach

2004 Acrylic on canvas W1500 x H620 Sold Mai Beach is a fictional place. This is a comment on the ownership of the beaches, and some beach accesses in New Zealand being changed, with the foreshore and out 20 metres into the ocean now being owned by local iwi around the country. There was concern […]


2004 Acrylic on board W220 x H420 Sold This work is a comment on Don Brash’s ‘Orewa speach’ where he stated several ideals that would see New Zealand move on from two cultures and move towards one country, one people. It caused a lot of controversy, and although it had many good points, they all […]

Idealistic Series

Idealistic Series 2004 Acrylic on canvas W380 x H760 (each) Sold Following on from my finger painted and stencilled “Idealistic” painting that was a comment on Don Brash’s ‘Orewa’ speech from the time he was leading the National Party. This triptych utilises the copper paint that features in previous work. The sculpture that was installed […]

Icing On The Lake

2004 Acrylic on canvas 760 x 380 Sold The iced over lake stretches out as you look out from the verandah. This eery, mysterious glow creeps across the ice cold landscape.

Hut On A Mount

2004 Acrylic on canvas W305 x H410 Sold One of my first silhouette paintings using a vibrant sunset through a raw sienna tone, this one was inspired by my formative years tramping and camping around the country.