Blue Moon

2003 Acrylic on canvas (damaged) W380 x H760 Private collection One of the early landscape works where I explored the sense of a blue moon (aside from there not being any blue paint used), with it rising over still waters. The additional aspect to this work is that it can be hung as pictured, or […]


2001 Acrylic on canvasboard W510 x H780 Private collection In this work I explored dividing the canvas into sections, some constructed by the signpost motif, and others constructed abstractly. Again, I included written word for part of this artwork. “The road stretches out. Only a signpost looking out as a late night cleaner. Silent in […]

Night Falls

2001 Acrylic on un-stretched canvas W1050 x H740 Private collection While attending the National Leadership Development Course in 2001, which consisted of a 3 day solo on the shore of Lake Rotowiti, I had written a poem one of the nights there. Following this I turned the poem into this three part painting, again in […]

Why Do You Hate Me?

2001 Acrylic on canvasboard W610 x H914 Private collection The final piece of my early McCahon studies on canvasboard. After this piece I began a different journey with these works and moved onto studying the landscape a bit more. “Saul, why do you hate me? Saul, why do you persecute me?”


2001 Acrylic on canvasboard W610 x H914 Private collection A continuation of this series of work based off Colin McCahon’s work of the same theme. “Elois lama sabachthani. Father I give you my life. And then He breathed His last.”

Chinese Rollercoaster

2000 Acrylic and sand on un-stretched canvasboard W373 x H620 Private collection This piece is my first experimentation with adding texture by using sand mixed in with the paint and glue to make a thickness to the work. The self authored poem is written to blend with the background of a sun / moon across […]

Dark Night

2000 Acrylic on un-stretched canvas W841 x H594 Private collection The first of many crucifix studies. The darkness of the night surrounds Christ as the lightning highlights his form on the cross.


2000 Acrylic on canvasboard W610 x H914 Private collection The second in the Elois series modelled off Colin McCahon. Ehyh yahweh ha Meshiach. I am God the Messiah. Yeshua shumi. Jesus is my name.

Elois Lama Sabachthani

2000 Acrylic on canvasboard W610 x H914 Private Collection This work is one of my favourite from my early works. In the style of Colin McCahon, I took direct inspiration from some of his works, but also from taking text from the Hebrew bible. This was also my first piece on canvasboard, a gesso-primed canvas […]


2000 Acrylic on un-stretched canvas W594 x H841 Private Collection This concept came to me in a number of ways. God playing the Devil in a game of chess, where already, God has check-mate. This is my first attempt at creating an artwork with figures, and from other perspectives. It is a depiction rather than […]