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Since first embarking on this journey to amateur luthiery, I’ve been scouring the net for useful resources. Some of the first files I downloaded came from Fender-ish; a Google site with a collection of PDF’s of scale drawings of a range of different guitars. These Guitar templates and guitar plans were great, and I quickly chose a couple to print out full scale and get building.

But what I really wanted was some full scale Photoshop files. You know the ones; with everything on different layers, depicting the guitar template or plan in all its detail, and including the vital measurements of the different components, all the while convincing you of it’s mimicry to a large scale blueprint drawn up by the original guitar company back in the 1930’s.

But the more I hunted, the less I found. It turns out that either guitarists, or guitar builders, aren’t all that computer savvy when it comes to design software; or at least Photoshop. If they are, it seems they want to supplement their income by charging for the plans they’ve drawn up.

So, I did what I normally do in these situations where I see something I want but can’t have; I built my own.

Layers in each Photoshop File


Below are the selection of guitar templates I have made into Photoshop PSD files for you.

Each file includes the guitar front and back, as well as measurements in inches and millimetres.

In Each File


Stratocaster Body Only

Download .PSD (2.9Mb)

Stratocaster Full Template

Download .PSD (4.8Mb)

Fender Stratocaster template

Telecaster Body Only

Download .PSD (2.5Mb)

Telecaster Full Template

Download .PSD (4.2Mb)

Fender Telecaster template

Gibson Les paul template

Les Paul Full Template

Download .PSD (6.4Mb)

Gibson ES-355 template

ES-355 Full Template

Download .PSD (4.0Mb)


Please comment below if you notice and problems with the designs, or if you have any suggestions for improvements or features you want to see in future versions of these files.

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