Land & Sea

Light in the Storm, 2013

The light at the end of the wharf in Petone, Wellington, NZ. A glorious light shining out in the storm clouds.

One Tree, 2013

This was once the place of a tall and solitary tree. In fact, the last time I was here it towered and overlooked the city as it grows. The site now stands lifeless; barren. A monument erected in accordance of…

Sunset Stroll, 2012

A couple walking along Petone Wharf enjoying the sun setting across the harbour, Wellington, NZ.

Abandoned, 2012

Looking north from Paekakariki towards Kapiti Island, Wellington, NZ.

Vessel of Dawn, 2012

Rocking back and forward, the gentle lapping of the lake splish and splash against the hull of the schooner as it rests in its sheltered bay. The muted tones, reminiscent of some of McCahon’s cubism explorations of the waterways around…

Crater Lake, 2012

One of the massive crater lakes at Wai O Tapu Thermal park, Taupo, New Zealand.