Frame, 2013

A frame made up placed on a concrete floor. It was a chance to capture the textures and the rawness of the materials we are surrounded with each day – these things that frame our lives.

One Tree, 2013

This was once the place of a tall and solitary tree. In fact, the last time I was here it towered and overlooked the city as it grows. The site now stands lifeless; barren. A monument erected in accordance of John Logan Campbell’s will for his admiration of the Maori people is all that now […]

Blue Twine, 2012

The blue rope holds the dinghy firm on shore despite its rough and fraying exterior. The rough timber of the sea craft weathered from years of salty seas rushing at its coat of fading paint. ‘Mahina Bay’ was carved into the stern plank by a steady hand at the beginning of it’s tenure on shore […]

Remains, 2012

The remains of a pier on the Kapiti coast, Paekakariki, NZ

Old School, 2012

An old Victorian villa in Paekakariki, with a classic Triumph parked out front, Paekakariki, Wellington, NZ.

Crater Lake, 2012

One of the massive crater lakes at Wai O Tapu Thermal park, Taupo, New Zealand.

Skater Boi, 2012

In the hustle and bustle of Queen’s Wharf, Wellington, on a regular weekday, it sometimes pays to take a moment to sit and take in the world around you. Or catch up with mates via the little screen we’ve become accustomed to carrying with us at all times. The mode of transport waits patiently to […]