Pillar of Fire

2005 Acrylic on calico. W600 x H1860 Sold This painting had a […]

Light Humbling

2005 Acrylic on canvas W1200 x H430 Sold “Light of the World […]

King of the Jews

2005 Acrylic on un-stretched calico W860 x H1620 $2650.00 NZD “CRUCIFY HIM. […]

Hang In There

2004 Acrylic on canvas W305 x H610 Sold A more simplistic silhouette […]

Christ’s Sake

2004 Acrylic on canvas W610 x H920 $2800.00 NZD Another crucifixion scene […]

The Gate

2003 Acrylic on un-stretched canvas W1560 x H895 $1640.00 NZD This work […]


2003 Acrylic on un-stretched calico W5700 x H1890 Private Collection After a […]

Outside Jerusalem

2003 Acrylic on canvas W400 x H300 Sold Following my Christian faith, […]