Light Box II

2005 Acrylic on board W1210 x H470 This is the second of […]

Light of Life

2005 Acrylic on canvas W1200 x H365 Following on from “Light Humbling“, […]

Light Box 1

2005 Acrylic on board W460 x H1200 Destroyed The idea of creating […]

King of the Jews

2005 Acrylic on un-stretched calico W860 x H1620 $2650.00 NZD “CRUCIFY HIM. […]


2005 Acrylic on board with wire netting W960 x H500 Sold My […]


2005 Acrylic on calico W800 x H490 Private collection My first and […]

Weather Or Not

2004 Acrylic on canvas 310 x 510 $180.00 NZD My first exploration […]

This Thing I Do

2004 Acrylic on canvas 400 x 500 Private Collection This work I […]

The Unknown

2004 Acrylic on canvas W300 x H770 $250.00 NZD Strips of canvas […]