Days Bay

Days Bay holds a special place in my life. Having gone to school at Wellesley College and spending my formative years around there, I decided it was an important place for me to record in a painting.Further to this, in 2010, a year after painting this work, I got married in Days Bay as well.Shortly […]

This is the day that Rome was built

My love for Italy only expanded after visiting Rome. Seeing the city and travelling the sites, it was phenominal. Experiencing the art and culture of the whole area was mind blowing. In particular, seeing church steps that were worn down from the millions of feet that had used them, doors that were older than the […]

Kotuku; Three generations over-turned by the storm

Following a tragedy in the South Island where a grandfather, father, and son from the same family died in a boating accident during a storm in the Foveaux Strait. The boat’s name was Kotuku, which is also the Māori name for the white heron. Turner regularly documented boats, storms and disasters in his work, and […]

Moa Point; Looking out to a distant New York

Moa point is located on the south coast of Wellington, around the corner from the airport. With the International Airport right there, the distant New York becomes closer, although an L.A. stop over is required.