Haven Grove Studio – 2011

To create a bit of a website for my personal music studio, I made a little website to document it and have it ready for the chance of it becoming more widespread. This website I wanted to keep nice and thin, whilst building in the logo which I made in the centre of a vinyl […]

Al Ingham.com – Fullscreen – 2011

Fullscreen is a theme that I developed for my site to utilise a parallax effect, as well as smooth scrolling to anchors, and my black and white photography as a full screen image in the background. I still keep this theme loaded on my site in case I wish to revert back to it at […]

Exhibition – 2011

Exhibition is a slightly different web project that I have been working on. It’s not so much a website, as it is a portal for a photography exhibition. Essentially I took the idea of walking around a gallery, where the photos are presented nicely in frames. I made background frames for the photos from a […]

Al Ingham.com – Eight Five – 2011

This is one of my first designs where I’ve taken someone else’s theme and pushed it a step further. I have checked with the license that the theme is released by, and it allows for individuals to make changes to the theme, as long as I do not profit directly from the theme (ie – […]

Highflo – 2009

This is the second iteration of this site. My initial design was designed on the premise of their catalogue, and was an arduous task of inputting all the data into tables (yes, not even div’s or ul’s at that stage). This design is a lot more modernised, and has been updated to allow for their catalogue to […]

Hutt City Auto Electrical – 2009

This is the first design for Hutt City Auto Electrical where my brother works. This design is built from scratch, and contains a mysql database for the content and products. Products got ordered into a table that include the name, an image, and a description, all of which could be changed and edited in a […]

Al Ingham.com – Horizontal – 2009

My very first horizontally sliding website. Each page has it’s own anchor link, and uses jQuery to smooth slide to that page to the right. Each page has an arrow that takes you to the next page. The background I created from scratch in Photoshop. The more button slides the navigation to the top, and […]

Al Ingham.com – White Cross Plush – 2008

This is another design that I have designed for my personal website. This was actually designed before I switched to using WordPress for my website. The reality is, even 5 years later I still like this design. I like it’s depth, but I also like it’s flatness. I love the plush leather background. This was […]

Al Ingham.com – Napkin – 2010

This design is a personal theme for my website. This one was inspired a lot from the font that I used (Bleeding Cowboys), recently become almost too popular among amateur designers to use any further. It was also inspired from a few other lighter coloured websites I had been looking at, especially given that I […]

Hutt City Baptist – 2010

Hutt City Baptist was one of my first ever clients for web design. The first design was made on a primitive theme, but it reflected the existing logo and feel of the church. In 2010, I was approached to upgrade the website to work in with the new logo and new premises. This website is designed […]


I’ve added my latest theme to my site. It is called “Stone” after the Cobblestone introduction seen in the Sherlock Holmes movie (Which I totally loved!) Click here to change theme – or head to the theme navigation at the top of the site.


There are sometimes when you no longer have to stand by your product. There are sometimes when your product gets even bigger than you. There are sometimes when your product gets bigger than you even thought it would. As a designer and artist, there are many designs I have done where I have made them […]