Howie Mandel Pushes for Mental Health Reform

We saw this video on Ellen today, in reaction to the recent Las Vegas shooting tragedy. Howie makes several great points in this short interview, and provides a fresh perspective on events like this, but also for mental health and how it is treated. The most poignant part of the whole segment though is when […]

Nelson Holiday Trip 2017

Awake. 0645am. Drive. Ferry. 0900. Snooze. Sneeze. Block ear.Picton. 1230 Lunch. Sea Breeze Cafe. Chicken Panini. Inclusion of capsicum gets thumbs up. Good chips. Walk around Picton. Overcast.Drive. Nelson. Nodded off (not drastically) Whoops. 15min pitstop for kip. Arrive Nelson. 1600. Check in to apartment. Nice. Supermarket for Snacks etc.Dinner. BK. Up to standard. Frozen […]

Keep Left Alright?

Pull Over The amount of knobheads I’m seeing just coasting in the right hand lane of a two and even three lane motorway is staggering. The number of issues it causes goes to show the level to which society has become so self driven. Drivers in the left lane, hereby referred to as the slow […]

Guitar Templates PSD – Photoshop

  Stratocaster     TEMPLATE – Stratocaster – BODY ONLY   TEMPLATE – Stratocaster – FULL Telecaster     CHECK BACK SOON   CHECK BACK SOON       Notes: These Photoshop files have been made by importing 1:1 scale drawings from PDF into Photoshop full size and then copying out the parts to each […]

Pixel Measure – Photoshop Script

Over the last couple of days I’ve been developing a few templates on Photoshop to help assist with the guitar designing process. One of the factors I needed to have was the ability to quickly add dimension labels to the drawings. Whilst Photoshop CS5.1 has a great measurement tool, it doesn’t display labels on the […]

Good Friday Cross 2016

Each year I make a cross on Good Friday. I have done since sitting on the shores of Lake Rotowiti in 2000 while on ‘Solo’ with Boys’ Brigade National Leadership Development Course. This year, I decided I would make the cross using only code. Ultimately this wasn’t that hard, but telling the story within the […]

Body Blank

Here’s a little insight into how I build and prepare a body blank for my electric guitars. This particular build is from New Zealand Black Beech and a strip of Puriri. The Black Beech board was about 1000 x 180 x 50mm. I spent half an hour cutting one edge square on the table saw, […]

Background Images – Center 33%

So for as long as I can remember, I’ve been using “background-position: center center” to center the background images that are stretched to cover the full background. These images will often be cropped, as they don’t always fit the set size. But lately, I’ve been noticing that this doesn’t always work out for the best. […]