Where Water Meets Land

Silver and black paint, mixed in with some green to create the stormy waves, the text pierces the sky like rain clouds and the eery silhouette of the silver hills hovers on the horizon. “Where water meets land shore and seabed merge. created leant to all of us for a short time in the eye […]

Icing On The Lake

2004 Acrylic on canvas 760 x 380 Sold The iced over lake stretches out as you look out from the verandah. This eery, mysterious glow creeps across the ice cold landscape.

75 Years

2004 Acrylic on board W170 x H375 $375.00 NZD Experimenting on painting on a different material. This one is painted on two boards from a small apple box. “75 Years Seventy Five on this forsaken ground. Eternity goes on. Is your eternal well-being in the hands of the father?”